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Seatbelt tackle is deemed as dangerous.

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Topic: Seatbelt tackle is deemed as dangerous.
Posted By: greypower1
Subject: Seatbelt tackle is deemed as dangerous.
Date Posted: 09 January 2018 at 5:11pm
Surely a seatbelt tackle is the safest way of preventing injury to a player. After all it is compulsory in a car for the seatbelt to be worn over the shoulder to protect the driver in the event of a sudden stop. Either the term is wrong or rugby authorities know better than the transport ministry. 🤔🤔

Keep the faith

Posted By: The Brain
Date Posted: 09 January 2018 at 8:57pm
I think you may be looking at it a bit skewed.

A car seatbelt and a so-called seatbelt tackle affect the neck in different ways.

A car seatbelt restrains you in a straight forward/backward motion and the neck/head will also move in either of those two directions.
The airbag and headrest serve to limit the range of travel and thereby limit the severity of injury.
As far as directions of travel go this is the 'better' way.

A seatbelt tackle is a different animal where the tackler's arm is angled like the above but this is bad as it has the potential for the arm to slide or ride up and put a lateral force onto the neck/head.
Now the neck doesn't particularly like a lateral force as the vertabrae and supporting tendons, ligaments and muscles are potentially weaker in that plane.
Both carotid arteries are on the sides and are quite easy to damage which again can either be affected immediately or delayed.

Basically any trauma to the head and/or neck could range from absolutely nothing to catastrophic, so is something that should be carefully monitored and refereed.

Yes, rugby is a contact sport and the ferocity of some hits is fully acceptable when done correctly just stay away from the neck area.


If you cannot bite, never show your teeth.

Posted By: greypower1
Date Posted: 09 January 2018 at 10:37pm
Thanks for that The Brain, I can see why you chose that handle. 😁

Keep the faith

Posted By: Eastern outpost
Date Posted: 10 January 2018 at 7:13am
Originally posted by greypower1 greypower1 wrote:

Thanks for that The Brain, I can see why you chose that handle. 😁

Any offence taken on board is only a literate/cy consequence. Every attempt at humour is just that. No personal insult intended. Standards lowered for trolls.

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